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Muscle Gain Workout Schedule

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Questions and Answers

Can Someone Make Me A Workout Schedule For Gaining Muscle?

I'm around 13 and a half and I workout at the YMCA about 3 times a week and play basketball but I feel like I should have an organized workout schedule. I would like to work out the whole body but preferably upper body ( shoulder, lats, biceps triceps, pecs). Thanks in advance.

Posted by Anthony Sutter
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1. Get Stronger. More strength is more muscle. Get into strength training. I recommend weight training because it allows you to start light and add weight endlessly. Body-weight exercises work too. Start with an empty bar. Learn proper technique. Add weight each workout to keep pushing your body out of comfort zone.
2. Use Free Weights. You can lift the heaviest weights using barbells. More weight is more stress, thus more muscle. Dumbbells are great for assistance exercises, but not for your main lifts. Stay away from machines.
3. Do Compound Exercises. Isolation exercises are ok once you’ve built base strength & muscle mass. But if you’re starting to build muscle, exercises that hit several muscles at the same time are better.4. Train Your Legs. Squats work your whole body, they’re the most important exercise. You’ll look totally different once you can Squat 300lbs. That’s a free weight Squat with hips coming lower than knees.All your muscles tense when doing Squats & Deadlifts. They work your body as 1 piece and let you lift heavy weights. Don’t lose time with Biceps Curls. When you can Squat & Deadlift heavy weights, you’ll have bigger arms.
5. Do Full Body Workouts. Don’t do those muscle magazine workouts. Body part splits with isolation exercises is fine once you’ve built a foundation. That’s once you can Squat 300lbs. You can’t Squat that much or never did Squats? Check StrongLifts 5×5. It takes 3 workouts per week of about 1hour each and includes compound exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Barbell Rows, Overhead Press, Pull-ups, Dips, etc.
6 Get Recovery. Pro athletes workout 5-6 times per week. But they didn’t start that way. They added workouts as they got stronger & bigger. You’ll overtrain if you jump into their routines. As a beginner you need more recovery.7. Eat Whole Foods. You’ll achieve a lower body fat, so the muscles you’ve built show better. And the vitamin & mineral content helps recovery. Stop eating food coming from a box. Eat whole foods 90% of the time.

Eat your carbs (for energy) and your protein (for muscle building) and good luck!

Can anyone give me a workout schedule that will guarantee muscle gain?

Ive been hearing that split workour works great. Which would be to workout 4 times a week with one body part a week. Would this be a good workout???? ( i want to gain muscle and strentgh)

MON: Chest OR Chest, tricep
TUES: Back OR Back bicep
WED: Legs OR Off
THURS: Shoulders, traps OR Legs
FRI: Arms OR Shoulders, traps
SAT: Off
SUN: Off

also i have a question, by doing this workout wouldnt i be sore every week, since im only working a body part once a week and giving it alot of time to recover?

Posted by
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This plan will get you cut and also force the body to pile on pounds of muscle extremely fast – so first you need to put yourself in a calorie + carb deficit – 1600 per day ,50 grams max BUT you must keep your protein grams high AND drink PLENTY of water – around 300 is okay,whey,casein,normal good protein foods etc – limit saturated fat as much as possible , then workout intensively as normal for the NEXT 3 days in a row hitting different muscle groups each day but ALWAYS do some form of cardio immediately after as this will tap straight into your fat stores IF this is done on an empty stomach OR if just a drink of 8 egg whites is consumed about 30 mins prior(,rest on day 4 ) then continue with the workouts/nutrition plan for the final day – now things are going to be COMPLETELY REVERSED so a calorie surplus is about to enter the NEXT 5 days – so eat EACH DAY – 5000 calories at least, 750 grams of complex carbs,,protein is still good @ 300 ,water is VITAL so keep drinking loads,sat fat the same – now the workouts – just repeat what you did before but NO CARDIO WHATSOEVER afterwards for these mass building days,this will make the body OVERCOMPENSATE to an enormous degree as you have depleted it so much in the previous 5 days,the results will be a reduction of BF % and a metabolic shift to anabolism – around 18lbs of fat will be totally stripped off after 40 days and replaced with solid muscle – you just need to continue this as stated – 5 days deficit /5 days surplus,fast and easy..

Best muscle gaining workout?

I am a 20 year guy with a nice build but i wanna get bigger :) especially my abs. I am particularly interested in beach body's programs. Any ideas and stuff i will need?

Posted by JesusRocks
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If you follow this schedule exactly, you will gain muscle mass easily.
Eat six to eight times a day. Six to eight meals a day stabilizes your blood sugar. Likewise, six meals constantly provide you with all nutrients that you need to recover from heavy workouts. Drink more water. It has many health and performance benefits. It makes your organs work correctly, reduces the surplus of sodium from your body and provides water to the muscle cells. Eat more protein food. Is more than proved that this only brings benefits to health .Grain pasta, Potatoes, Sweet potato, Brown rice, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables? You can lift the heaviest weights using barbells. More weight is more stress, thus more muscle.

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How To Gain 30lbs Of Muscle With Body Weight Workouts!!

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4 Day Workout Routines to Build Muscle

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Questions and Answers

Will this routine build muscle?

Basically I've started doing 10 push ups and ten pull ups, four times a day every few hours. I want to build some muscle since I'm pretty scrawny and I can't join my local gym since you need to be 16(I'm 15) so I was hoping that this routine might be a good compromise. I started it 3 days ago and haven't seen any improvement whatsoever but I'm hoping that it's just too early to expect any muscle growth?

Oh well, any extra help or information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Posted by Coaster-Dude
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Yes, that will build muscle. It would be good to include some squats or other leg workouts. Balancing muscle groups helps your body respond faster to the demand you are putting on it.

As your routine becomes easier slowly add 1-2 reps to each set you do.

By the way, you probably won't notice any significant changes for 3-4 weeks if you just started. But hang in there, it is worth it!

Looking for a 4-days-a-week muscle building workout routine?

I am a freshman in College, 18 years old, 5ft. 9in. Tall I weigh 127lbs. I can max bench 160 and max squat almost 300, can do roughly 15 pullups. Anyways, I'm still pretty small I need a good workout routine to build some good muscle. Prefferably 4 days a week without doing weekends. When I was in highschool my weightlifting class teacher focused on the "push, pull" method for his workouts. We'd do chest with triceps, back with biceps, legs for a day, pure cardio wednesdays, stuff like that. Please help and list a good workout that works? Thank you.

Posted by Shawn
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You must understand that none of this is going to happen fast or easy. Second, it is not just appearances. Your body is your dwelling place for the rest of this life.

Most people emphasize the arms, abs, and pectoral muscles because they like the appearance.

Upper body is really not as significant as most think.

The larger muscle groups are more critical to your long term development and your health.

There are some things that you need to take into account in your early training to prevent injury and get better results sooner.

New muscle needs to develop "infrastructure" meaning blood supply first. You should start with very light weight and high reps and increase in reps for a while. How long that is depends on your age and physical condition. For most people that would be at least 1 month. The other thing you should do is to strengthen your shoulder rotator cuffs. People who get injured there may not be doing anything much for a year. You can find exercises for that on the web. Be sure you do this to give yourself years of training stability.

Running is good for cardio but does not develop strength or muscle mass.

You might consider running the stairs or stadium bleachers if you have been running for a while.

The single best thing you can do is not something which appeals to most people. Full squats will do a huge amount for your legs but also for your chest, heart and lungs. Paul Anderson the great American weightlifting champion said that " If you do not bend your legs and do those squats, you will never reach your potential."

After you get the beginning conditioning done, you can go to more weight and lower reps.

The other thing is not to neglect your other infrastructure, heart and lungs. Cardio should be part of every workout. Cardio will give you the endurance necessary for serious training. You can run, jump rope, use an elliptical (best), or a stair climber, or stationary bike for cardiovascular training.

Your legs and chest development are closely connected. Squats are a must from the beginning. More or less the same thing there.

In general, you need to do something for each and every muscle group with more concentration on your legs at the beginning.

Do not neglect your abs and lower back because they protect your spine from injury. Injury is the worst enemy in fitness of any kind.

Strenuous exercise will require you to eat a little differently. Nuts are a good protein supplement (about 25% by weight which is equal to any kind of meat). You must also eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Most people need about 50 grams of protein per day. You do need to consume more protein with hard training but there are lots of veg sources such as nuts and soy. When training very hard you will need about 150 grams a day. Without working with weights, you may only need about 100 grams. Soy, peanuts, and beans are all legumes; to complete the protein you must eat tree nuts and/or seed proteins with them. You really do not need those fancy supplements and some of them can damage your kidneys.

Your body and your mind are both gifts from God. Make the most of both.

In any event, good luck to you. The decision to improve yourself is always a good one.

Book: Body for Life by Phillips.

Routine to Build Muscle?

I'm 14 years old. 125 lbs. 5"6
I'm mostly meat and bones and I want to change it to muscle.
I'm currently running in cross country and we run minimum 2 miles a day max 8 miles with a 5-8 minute warm-up run before.

Here is my planned schedule:
1.Run after-school everyday in cross country (Mon-Sat)
2. Come home and lift (10lb)dumbbells: 3 Sets of 15 Reps (Wed-Sat)
3. Do 2 Sets of 20 Push-Ups Or 30 (Wed-Sat)
4. Drink chocolate milk & eat

Take in a lot of protein.
Take in a lot of calories.
Avoid as much sugar as possible.

And question, are carbs(carbohydrates) good for you? Should I take in a lot of carbs?

I want to know if my routine is good and if I will be able to build nice upper body strength.

Posted by Dao
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Well dude, this is how I build muscle, im 16 btw. I written plan is great if you wan't to stick with it, but the only problem is, is that you might tell your body your done working out, when it didn't get a full workout. For like a week do low weights, with lots of reps. (#2 is a good idea for the first week) After that, I say raise the lbs on your dumbell. Reps tone your muscles, if you wan't to GAIN muscles, go for big weights. Once your arm trembles and you can't continue, thats when you know your done. Don't end the workout if you can easily do 10 more reps. Also, pick up some protein shakes/mixes. I got a huge barrel of protein smoothie mix for only 20 bucks. It has 32g of protein plus the protein in the milk you mix it in. And as for your question about carbs. I don't focus on carbs, and you probably shouldn't worry bout it either. Don't go out of your way to eat more/less carbs than you already have.

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Side Push-Ups for Massive Arms : Professional Workout Tips

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