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Best Muscle Building Supplements Men Over 40

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Questions and Answers

Muscle building/reduce body fat supplements help?

I'm 18 years old ,6 ft tall and I used to weight 236 pounds,I lost around 50 pounds and went down to my current weight of around 183-185 pounds in 3 months by doing P90X and following a very strict very low calorie diet that helped me lose all of the weight fast,but now I want to put some lean muscle mass.I eat every three hours and eat very healthy,no sodas(not even diet sodas) only water(Lots of water),skim milk and a little OJ in the morning. I came through this website and checked out the teen body muscle building program and the nutrition part seems reasonable but what caught my eye was the recommended supplements:

MPH Activite Sport (Multivitamin)
EFA Lean Gold(Omegas)

Now my question,I'm 18 and I plan working out till my body tells me than I can't(hopefully when I'm really old),now are this products safe to use,like the chemicals in them,how bad are the side effects,would you guys recommend other products.I went to GNC and they have their own line so is that better,I hope you all can help me.Thanks.

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Pablo my man..
U need to understand d fact that d body is helped by these supplements..
But over time.. U'll realise that ur body needs more n more of them to sustain.. Coz it'll start getting used to it.. Like today u'll start with one scoop.. N by d end of 3 months u'll be having around 3-4 scoops in a day.. But ur body is not going to be able to digest all this easily.. Leading to kidney n liver problems..
N u'll not notice these problems right now.. They'll come around when ur 40-45 years of age..
That time ur body will have illness symptoms of a 70 year old..
I know u must be seeing ppl with nice bodies n u'd also want them.. N ur willing to workout for it.. But in d long run its not worth it..
Rest is upto u.. Coz this pack that u mentioned above is a standard pack.. N u just keep on increasing ur intake with time.. Thats bout it..

Is androsterone supplement safe?

Men take it to ""build more muscle". Is it safe and is it effective or just a waste of money. Dont bother responding if you are selling this stuff. I want real science!!

Posted by fiveoncinco
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Actually it's called Androstenidione it is a precursor of Testosterone and in optimal conditions the Adrenal Glands manufacture Androstenidione as a metabolite(metabolism by-product)of another hormone DHEA which stands for Di Hydro Epia Androsterone this hormone is also a precursor of Estrogen.The disadvantage of Androstenidione is it does NOT inhibit Estrogen production in fact a side effect in some men who have used this product is BREAST GROWTH. It was used by baseball players most notably Mark McGwire as a performance enhancer but since 2004 it has been a banned substance in Baseball ,The NFL,and The Olympics and for that matter so is DHEA. This product is most beneficial for men OVER the age of 40 whose hormone production generally decreases after then. Adequate Protein consumption is a good idea. Precursors of HGH(Human Growth Hormone) are also essential if you want to maintain muscle mass. Natural ways to do this in lieu of Androstenidione is LONGJACK HERB(Tong Kat Ali), Puncture Root aka Gokshura Fruit( Tribulus Terrestris), L-Glycine,GABA(Gamma Amino Butryic Acid), ZMA( Zinc Magnesium Aspartate),&BCAAs(Branch Chain Amino Acids).
These are just a few things you can do to generate good muscle mass as well as L-Arginine and L-Ornithine. L-Arginine does become NO(Nitrous Oxide) but what may NOT be common knowledge L-CITTRULINE is an amino acid made in the body from L-Ornithine and without L-Cittruline the body can't convert L-Arginine into NO(Nitrous Oxide) that's why it's better to buy L-Arginine and L-Ornithine together because they are synergistic(things that work better together.) You should skip Androstenidione because long term side effect studies have not been done concerning this supplement and the FDA banned this supplement a little over 2 Years Ago. So finding it legally is not very likely. I hope this was helpful.

Diet planning question (Muscle Building)?

I am changing my diet plan soon and I was wondering if it is a good or bad choice. I know everybody is different so no one can really give me a reliable answer, but I would like some insight. I am going from a high-carb diet to a semi-low-carb diet (while still building muscle). I read that the body can still convert fats from food to use for energy. I did the calculations and if I were to eat at least 2700 calories, the following would be:

Carbs-15%, 101g
Protein-30%, 205g
Fat-55%, 165g (20g saturated, 50 monounsaturated & polyunsaturated)

It's kind of a semi-carb backloading, so I was wondering if this would be a good diet. I am 18 years old (19 in a few months), I weigh 155lbs, I lift 5 days a week, and I play basketball for 3-4 days week for at least 1-3 hours. If you have any other suggestions, I would be happy to see some. Also, if I need to do something to prepare for this diet, please tell me. Thank you.

Posted by Jaeson
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A good bodybuilding diet needs to follow 3 rules:
1.It should favor smaller and frequent feedings throughout the day
instead of smaller ones.
2.Every meal should have carbohydrates, protein and fat in the
correct ratios: 40% carbs, 40% protein, 20 % good fats.
3.The calories should be cycled to prevent the metabolism from
getting used to a certain caloric level.
Sample Bodybuilding Diet For Men
Meal 1 (7 AM)
1 cup of dry oats mixed with water
1 cup of egg beaters
Meal 2 (9 AM)
Meal replacement packet like Prolab's Lean Mass Complex (which has a
40/40/20 nutrient ratio) mixed with water or a protein powder (with
around 40 grams of protein) mixed with 40 grams of carbs from cream
of rice, grits, or oatmeal.
1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil (Spectrum brand is best)
Meal 3 (12 Noon)
1 cup of brown rice, or medium sized baked potato, or 1 cup of
2 cups of green beans, broccoli or any other desired vegetable
6-8 ounces of chicken, turkey, or lean fish
Meal 4 (3 PM)
Same as Meal 2
Meal 5 (6 PM)
1 cup of brown rice, or medium sized baked potato, or 1 cup of
2 cups of green beans, broccoli or any other desired vegetable
6-8 ounces of chicken, turkey, or lean fish
Meal 6 (8 PM)
Same as Meal 2
Recommended Basic Bodybuilding Supplements For Men
(Essential to take)
Definitely make sure that you cover at least the basics of
supplementation which are a Multiple Vitamin and Mineral formula, 3
grams of Vitamin C split in 3 equal servings throughout the day,
200mcg of Chromium Picolinate, and essential fatty acids coming from
either fish oils, flaxseed oil or extra virgin olive oil. Also, for
convenience purposes a good meal replacement or protein powder is a
great way to add valuable calories and nutrients to your diet.

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Best Supplements for Men Over 40

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Questions and Answers

Effects of estroven herbal supplement in men?

I have seen a few questions here recently about the effects of estroven herbal supplement in men.

Some of the answers seemed a bit off so as a gay male bottom who does take it I thought I would provide my experience with it.

First off, I have no intention to change my sex fully. The reason I started taking it two months ago was based on advice from a friend.

My goal is to generally soften my overall appearance and it has definitely worked.

I take two maximum strength tablets daily.

Contrary to what others say, I have actually lost weight, I went from about 165 to 148 in two months.

However, even though I workout a lot, mostly toning exercises, my bodyfat has actually increased.

My hips are bigger mostly fat and chest flabbier though my waist has actually gotten thinner.

Pre-estroven, my chest/waist/hips were 40-32-36, now its 38-28-40. I stand 5'7, so the hips actually appear larger.

Other side effects, less facial and body hair growth. I'm asian so I did not have much facial/body hair to begin with, now its even less.

Skin is much softer. Significantly reduced sexual desires – I used to get erections daily and masturbate daily, now its about once a week.

Penis actually shrunk a half inch from 5'" to 4.5", testicles smaller also. Also, my erections never get fully hard like before, now its semi-hard with a lot of effort.

For the people asking, estroven is actually a natural estrogen replacement for menopausal women, those with reduce estrogen.

So yes, it will increase the estrogen level in men.

But, its probably not strong enough for those that want to go all the way and change from male to female.

Ps:I'm not a very sexual person, but I get hit on a lot from gay tops even before taking estroven.

After taking estroven, I get hit on significantly more sometimes very aggressively.

I'm kind of picky so I ignore most, but be prepared for more attention if you are a bottom, sometimes unwanted…
One other point, I would only recommend it if you are a true bottom.

I personally get sexual pleasure from pleasing a top by letting him penetrate me anally or by providing him oral sex so its fine for me.

If you want your penis to get equal attention then don't take it as its very hard to get an erection.

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Who do you think your kidding? Transfolk have way too much experience with HRT supplements to believe this type of results in this amount of time and especially with herbals. Stop making such ridiculous claims before you mislead someone and they actually get hurt trying in desperation to duplicate you claims.

What are some good supplements for a 40 year old man?

Posted by Common White
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A general multi-vitamin is a good start. Also increased levels of C, and B. Add to that zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium. Then add in a high fiber supplement every other day.

What are the best supplements for men to take after 40?

I have seen ads for supplements that increase stamina, virility, energy, etc. But not sure if they are worth the money. Anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by recedingin SF
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I am a personal trainer and also am in your age group.In all my years I find that the best thing is to follow a good healthy diet (3 meals and 2 healthy snacks) and a quality multi-vitamin along with a good exercise program.
Hope this helps

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Gaining Weight After 50

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Questions and Answers

Unexplained weight gain?

I am a 24 year old female. I am overweight but I am working on losing it. I have been to a nutritionist and she gave me a food plan that worked wonderfully. I also go to the gym everyday and sometimes twice a day. After loosing 50 pounds I have now started to rapidly gain weight and I dont know why. I am following my food and exercise plan still and the fitness director and nutritenist have tried adjuting it but nothing is helping. I have allready called my medical doctor but I could not get an appointment for another week. What could be cauing this and has anyone else had this problem. I am very worried that I have a medical problem because there is a history of diabetis in my family. Could having low iron cause weight gain. My other symptoms include extrmem acne (never had this problem before), fatigue, breathing problems (could be caused by bronchitis), pale skin, and dry skin. SOrry for this being so long but I am concerned! Please help.
My diet plan has been adjusted allready many times to try and help this problem also my exercising is done with a professional trainer so he frequently changes up my workout
I am currently eating between 2100 and 2200 calaries a day. My foods consist of mostly fish, turkey, and chicken. Skinless. I also eat large amounts of leafy green veggies and fresh fruit. I exercise at least one hour of high intensity cardio per day. This was set up by a registed nutrietinest and a professional trainer.
I have a hormonal imbalance that caused the weight gain. The doctor is given me antibotics to alleviate the symptomes. He said my matebolism should be back to normal soon if I continue to eat right and exercise. Thanks for all the help. I wish I could select you all for best answer.

Posted by Asdfda A
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Going to the doctor is a great idea. Dont weight the sooner he can check you out the better. I do agree with the previous answers. Your throid is probably acting up. THe doctor will do a simple blood test that usually takes about 24 hours to get a response. There is no pain other than the one needle stick and thats not bad at all. Your gaining that much weight that quick is very dangerous especially to your heart and lungs. Its vital that you have medical care. The best diet you could be on requires no special viamens no majic pills or juices. Its simple. Eat only lean proteins such as skinless fish, chicken and turken. NO RED MEAT! Eat 3 servings of fresh fruit and four servings of dark leafy green vegetables. Avoid a lot of salt and dairy products. DO NOT DRINK OR INTAKE ANYTHING CAFFINATED. Exerscice is key to your success. You also need to drink at least 64 oz of water daily. Please be carful and do consult the doctor. You have far to many issues to keep going this on your own. Please post a response about what your doctor says I will be very interested to find out.

Feel better


How do i GAIN weight..Like 50 POunds?

Im currently 16 y.o i want to gain 50 pounds rite now i weight exactly 15 was 120?

Idk if i got fast metabolism but who cares i really wana Gain weight please help….
I wana be a light weight for my MMA fight before the tournament starts in about 6 months….. PLease help me idea tell me what to eat play sleep whatever it takes….?

Posted by STRYKER
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I can't really wrap my brain around people wanting to gain weight buy my son is a semi pro football player and is looking to try out for a college. He just started with a trainer and has been instructed to eat 4500 calories a day and work out 6 days a week. He's not supposed to do a running routine so he'll keep the weight on. 4500 cals isn't a lot considering that "we're supposed" to eat 2k cals a day and most of America is over weight – so what does that tell you? Do a search and see what you can find on high calorie foods and eat them as your "in between" meals. Eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner with the in betweens and you'll see progress. I would seriously stay away from fast food though, it's high in fat and salt and it's not a good combination being that you're already forcing your body to do something it hasn't normally done. Weight gain shakes will do it too. GNC sales people, even if you don't buy stuff there, are full of info. Just don't fall for the vitamins thing – in nursing school we were told most of us get all the vitamins we need from our food already – if we eat relatively well. And always remember that what you gain now you will have to deal with later – including the eating habits.

50 pounds weight gain?? :(?

I am 33 weeks & 6 days pregnant . This is my first pregnancy , I have gained 50 pounds & i don't know why because I eat healthy & eat about 6 or 7 times a day . But when I eat it's like I Eat a salad or eat a apple & a peice of whole grain toast or a bowl of multi grain Cheerios. I just don't understand why I'm gaining so much! I was 118-120 before & now I'm about 170. Is it healthy to gain this much? I'm 16 . Almost 17 & I'm going to breast feed . Will I lose tha weight because I'm young & gonna
Breast feed? . Please help! & please no judgemental answers . Thanks.

Posted by kayla
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Not every woman keeps her weight after pregnancy, It should start coming off once your baby is out =). If you do keep any weight it wont be much unless you were already big to start.

Many things can cause the weight gain to stay though, such as postpartum depression, bad eating habits, especially not eating regularly. When you do this your metabolism will slow down to conserve any food (Stored as Fat) you put in your body. This would happen when there was a short supply in food, its a defense mechanism.

Also, drink alot of water and if you have any cravings, go crazy! As long as your cravings are healthy that is. You dont want to eat something that can hurt your baby.

You can always exercise once you have your baby. There is no need to go to the gym either. Buy some free weights (dont worry you wont bulk up like a man lol) they work much better than machines due to no restrictions in your movement. Watch your "form" and improve it to get the best results, if you feel pain in a certain position then re evaluate your form.

Once again, WATER WATER WATER and break a sweat! All the excercise will cause your skin to flush out toxins. Toxins are another thing that keeps people from losing weight / gaining weight for the skinnies. So stay hydrated so you can flush them out .

Try not to worry too much.You'll be fine.

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Best Workout for Men Over 50

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Questions and Answers

50 year old men workout programs?

Posted by rodney s
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Try the Lil Jack workout Http://…

What is the cost of these workout supplements?

How much would all this cost

Mega Men (dietary)
D4 Thermal Shock (dietary)
ALARM (pre workout)
Gold Standard 100% WHEY Cookies & Cream (Protein)

Posted by Dan M
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Mega Men: $30
D4 Thermal Shock: $40
ALARM: $50
Gold Standard 100% WHEY: $30

These are about prices

About $150 in total.

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Weight Gain After Age 50

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Questions and Answers

Anyone else notice a 5-10 pounds weight gain at age 30?

I'm very athletic and have always been able to maintain my weight til now. I eat very healthy, chicken and seafood only and plenty of veges, very little bread. I also exercise at least 30 to 45 minutes every day. This doesn't count playing outside with my 2 year old and taking him for walks. It seems that no matter what I do the 5 pounds won't go anywhere. Is this just age kicking in? I've gone up a size in my jeans because I'm only 5'2" and any of you that are short know that 5 pounds is another pant size. Any thing I can do to stop this or is this just life? Anyone else experience this?

Posted by Me
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Oh, the perils of aging. But it's that or death so we learn to cope. I am 50 now and noticed in my 30s that things changed. I was thin and then seemingly in one day my pants were tight! I do think that we become more "dense" as we hit our 30s, even if not fat. It may sound crazy but it seems to me that our bones and bodies just become heavier. I don't know…is this the supreme age or something? Anybody else notice this? Then after reaching that peak, we slow down, age, lose muscle mass, etc. And then become squishier. So yes, it seems we do put on weight for no good reason. You can stop it, I suppose, if you are willing to work SUPER DOOPER hard, but it seems like you're already doing that. Just don't let yourself go completely down the tubes. Accept that you will likely become different than you were but be the best you can be for your age. By the way, these are all just my thoughts and observations…nothing more. One could go into all the discussions regarding changing hormones, etc. But I won't.

What is water weight?

Wats water weight gain??? Is that when u drink ur 8 glasses a day and it stays with u or what???im confused.

Posted by xlovexhatex16x
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Water weight gain is referring to the water imbalance a woman experiences just prior to her period….. Then looses it during her cycle,,,,,, then sometime before her 27 day cycle is due again, she will gain it back….. Its a re-occuring cycle…
It's only until she reaches the age of 50 or has under gone a hysterectomy, that the water weight gain changes….. HENCE the term "Menopause" !! When she reaches this age, she no longer pocesses that water,,,, so she cannot gain it. She can, however, gain weight,,,, just not in water … !!!! And they often do….. Not all the time…..and not with every woman.

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Creatine for Women Over 50

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Questions and Answers

Whey protein shake meal replacement?

I am a young woman looking to cut some calories. I'd like to do a meal replacement shake for breakfast but I am lost as to what whey protein powder I should use being a woman that aids in weight loss.

Posted by Samantha
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Clean,simple whey powder.Without any added substances like creatine or nitric acid.
Better buy it off a drugstore rather than from a bodybuilding store.
Make sure you eat veggies to get the vitamins you miss by replacing your breakfast with protein powder,and stay away from mixed whey powder (50% protein 50% carbs)

Are there any harmful effects from creatine?

I used to take it but i stopped because i became dehydrated and i had to drink a ridiculous amount of water to stay hydrated during workouts and practice. I want to know the pros and cons…

Posted by JG
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What is creatine?

Creatine (also known as alpha-methylguanidinoacetic acid) is perhaps the most popular supplement for improving athletic performance and increasing muscle mass. It also has more scientific support for its use than any other non-hormonal performance enhancing supplement on the market. It is popular among all types of athletes, including amateurs and professionals, teenagers and adults, and men and women.

Creatine, which was first identified in 1832, is an amino acid derivative that occurs naturally in the body. It can be found in the brain, eye, kidney, and testes, but over 95% of the creatine in the body is found in skeletal muscle. It can be obtained through dietary sources and also synthesized within the body from the substrate guanidinoacetate via the enzyme S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe). Guanadinoacetate is derived from the amino acids arginine and glycine. This process primarily occurs in the kidney and liver.

Dietary sources high in creatine include herring, salmon, tuna, beef, and other foods. The combination of dietary creatine and creatine synthesized in the body usually results in the consumption/production of two grams of creatine daily, which is approximately the same rate at which creatine is degraded. Although significant quantities of creatine can be consumed through the diet, the amount is still generally small compared to the intake that can be achieved with supplemental creatine.

Since the early 90's, creatine has been extensively studied for the purpose of improving athletic performance, primarily for high-intensity, short-duration exercise (such as weight lifting and sprinting). There is consistent and overwhelming evidence for a benefit. In addition to research evaluating the effectiveness of creatine in improving athletic performance for a wide variety of types of exercise, research has also begun to evaluate possible benefits in treating muscular, neurological, and cardiovascular diseases.

Despite what some people might tell you, there is NO scientfic evidence of creatine ever harming ones kidneys or liver. None, whatsoever. I'm also a new taker of creatine. If you want to take creatine you have to do your research. It's very key to keep hydrated and not to overload or something bad may happen.

How and when should creatine be taken?

Creatine usually comes in powder form. Although capsules are available, they are significantly more expensive and most prefer powder. Creatine can be mixed in most drinks. During loading, it is customary to divide the creatine into 3-4 doses spread throughout the day (3 doses of 10 g or 4 doses of 5 g). During maintenance, 1-2 doses daily (usually of 5 g each) are used. Taking one of the doses pre-exercise on exercise days is recommended. Also, if some meals contain more carbohydrates than others, creatine should be taken with the high carbohydrate meals.

What dosage should be used? Is a loading phase necessary?

"Loading" refers to the practice of taking larger than normal doses for the first few days of supplementation to maximize muscle creatine stores as quickly as possible. This is followed by a maintenance phase, during which a smaller dose is taken daily to maintain the high levels of creatine.

Loading is not necessary, but it is beneficial. In one study, a maintenance dose (3 g/day) took thirty days to maximize creatine stores. On the other hand, a loading dose (20 g/day) maximized muscle creatine levels in only two days. Normal maintenance doses fall in the 3-5 g range (2 g has been found to be insufficient), although some take as much as 10 g, while 20-30 g (usually 20 g) is used for loading. Some sources recommend a loading phase of 6-7 days, but this appears to be unnecessary. Given that stores are maximized after two days of loading, 2-3 days should be sufficient. One study indicated that resistance training athletes can utilize around 50 mg/kg daily of creatine. A maintenance dose of 5-10 g daily is recommended to ensure that enough is being taken. Taking more than this for maintenance is generally a waste of creatine.

CAN ANY ONE HELP? Whey protein and creatine?

I just bought body fortress high performance creatine and body fortress whey protein. Can somone tell me when do i take these before or after a workout. I know with the creatine i have got to drink 4 servings daily for the first 5 days witch is loading.but can u take these at the same time. And how many times a day with the protein. Thank you
thank you for you'r answers so far but it tells me to take the creatine 4 times a day. So what times should i take it .
Hi i started taking the creatine today i got the grape flavour but it don't taste that nice any sugestions what i could have with it
hi i finished the loading phase yesterday now im onto phase 2 maintenance it says drink 1-2 times a day for 11weeks. I was just wondering when i should take it as in the loading phase i tooke it 1 houre before workout and after then later in the day and just before bed. As ive got to take it just once or twice now when should i take it. Plz could you answer asap as im on phase 2 now and dont wanna mess up thank you.

Posted by lee quinn
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Don't waste your money, eat your protein, it tastes much better than shakes
Too much protein could actually harm your body, says protein expert Gail Butterfield, PhD, RD, director of Nutrition Studies at the Palo Alto Veterans' Administration Medical Center and nutrition lecturer at Stanford University.
The amount of protein you require depends on your weight and your daily caloric intake. Most Americans consume more than enough protein in their daily diets. A few specific groups of people are at risk for being protein-deficient, including elderly women and people with illnesses or eating disorders. A protein deficiency is defined as eating 50% to 75% of the recommended amount of daily protein, Butterfield explains.

Ideally, you should consume 0.36 grams of protein for every pound of body weight, according to recommended daily allowances (RDA) set by the Food and Nutrition Board. So if you weigh 170 pounds, you need about 61 grams of protein each day.

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Muscle Growth After 50

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Questions and Answers

How fast muscle builds?

How fast does it take for a Endomorph to build muscle. Just on average. I'm a girl, 5'2" and 118. And Please don't talk about the right foods and aerobics. I already know that stuff.

Posted by Teger
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It's about how much muscle can you build and the answer isn't just so straight forward or simple.

Consider the following: The average man has between 30% to as much as 60% of his lean body mass as actual muscle. The average women has between 25% to 50% of her lean body mass as actual muscle.

Muscular growth is rarely a liner process and tends to come in a series of cycles.

"You cannot calculate your actual muscle gain, short of having a biopsy." – Jeremy Likeness, Certified Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Expert

That means that no matter what you eat, how hard you train or what supplements you take, muscle growth will never come at a predicable steady rate. This makes those 10-12 pounds of muscle a year for a natural bodybuilder a myth along with any other hard numbers telling you how much actual muscle to expect or any references to the actual rate of growth.

Here's just a short list of the things that can influence your muscle growth:

complications called "life"
and more…

By the way…

Some people are genetically predisposed at packing on lean body mass and can just look at a weight and gain muscle (you know those people right?). Others have to work like the dickens to just gain an ounce of muscle and their rate of growth is slower.

Researchers from the Netherlands, Van Etten, L.M., Verstappen, F.T., & Westerterp, K.R. Studied the effect of body build on weight-training-induced adaptations in body composition and muscular strength. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 26, 515-521. In the study they found that men with a "solid" build gained more muscle than men with a "slender" build following a 12-week weight-training program .

Although fat-free mass increased in both groups, the slender guys gained only 0.7 pounds (0.3 kilograms) versus 3.5 pounds (1.6 kilograms) in the solid group. My point is…

The nearer you get to your muscular genetic potential, the slower the gains will be. This is known by exercise professionals as the ceiling of adaptation. The longer you've been training, the slower your gains will be. Somebody like me who's been training for 17 years will gain less muscle mass than a new trainer who's just started out in the first 6 weeks.

So what does this mean to you?

That being said, based on the consensus of the available studies, the average trainee can gain roughly 2-4% of their initial weight in the form of muscle after 6 weeks of regular resistance exercise. These figures are based on the results of studies using trained subjects with a body fat percentage of 10-15%. Extremely lean or obese individuals would be hard to predict.

None of the studies I could find made reference to a female's ability to build muscle so my best guess is about half of the male studies but I can't prove that as there's no research to fall back on. Let's face it…

How much muscle can I gain is not a linear approach. You won't keep growing at the same rate forever. In fact, the studies that do reference muscle growth were only on male trainees in the first 6 weeks of training. That seems somewhat predictable but after those 6 weeks, you need to know what to expect and it's not going to be the same number week after week or year after year.

Over the course of a year, it's rare for people to add more than 25 lbs of muscle but it's very possible for them to add more than 25 lbs of lean body mass. Lean body mass defined as a combination of anything that is not fat. And that's why…

Increasing your lean body mass is something you can track and calculate and should be your focal point to determine your progression. How much muscle you build in a given time period is not because it's not a linear process and it can't realistically be determined short of a biopsy.

"A beginner on a decent training and nutrition program might be able to gain 25 pounds of muscle in their first year of training. In year two, we can cut that number in half, giving you a gain of 10-12 pounds. In year three, the gains will be halved again, giving you 5-6 pounds of new muscle." – Christin Finn

If you are gaining more lean body mass that is generally a positive because you are gaining more muscle than fat. For most weight-gainers, .5 pounds per week would be an even more realistic goal as they reach their genetic limit. Frankly…

Staying focused on your goal by training intensely, eating consistency and engaging in proper recovery are things you can control and will result in your optimization of lean body mass.

Remember that gaining muscle is a long-term project. If you're dedicated and consistent in your efforts, you will not be disappointed.

Marc David, NGA-CPT
Author of "NoBull Bodybuilding"

Need to gain muscle,please help?

Hello guys, i am 17 years old and weight about 130 pounds height 5'7", i possibly work out 5 days a week for an hour, my body is ripped but i want to get bigger and i don't mind taking supplement i prefer healthy ones so i don't screw up my health. Basically i want to set a specific diet, i eat a lot but thats not helping :( please help.

Posted by lasleid
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For muscle growth alone, say you want to work out your biceps,
what you do is you find a weight you can hardly lift. Say you can hardly lift a 50 pounder with one hand, do 1 set of 10 reps, youre done, switch arms, and do the same thing, but brace youself, you can go over that, and do 2 or 3 sets (i dont reccomend more) also your arms will be sore for days after.
You can do that to any muscle in your body!

How long till I see drastic muscle growth?

I lost 50 pounds, it took me 4 months and I've been lifting weights hard fOr 6 months after the loss I can see good muscle growth but was wondering how long till I see
a drastic change in muscle growth. I lift 4 days a week anywhere between 45 minutes to 2hrs depending on what I'm working out. And I also watch what I eat.

Posted by tim b
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You are not going to see dramatic muscle growth, slow and steady is the only way without putting your health at risk buy using steroids or HGH.

Keep going with what you are doing and don't look for shortcuts.

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