Best Routine to Gain Muscle

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Weight loss, muscle gain routine?

I'm 193 pounds, 16, male, and have no muscle at all. I want to lose about 20 to 30 pounds but get muscular. What would be the best workout routine?

Posted by Jack
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No, you don't want to lose 30 pounds. 163 pounds is a really skinny dude, trust me. You want to burn some fat and build some muscle. Muscle ways 3 times as much as fat, so you should actually end up gaining weight, especially at 16 because you are right in the middle of puberty.

Do a weight lifting routine 3 times a week. Don't do any more than 3 days a week to start. Try to get on what is known as a cross-training program, and stay on this program for at least 4 months. You will want to work out your legs on Monday, your arms and chest on wednesday, and your back on friday. Try to do some type of aerobic exercise for at least 10-15 minutes on days that you lift weights, and at least 30 minutes on the other days. It is ok if you are too tired one or two days out of the week to do any running, especially at first, but try to push yourself.

Look up some weight training exercises either on the internet, or from a weight training book at the bookstore (you may even want to buy this). Try to do at least 3 sets of each exercise, and start out with light weights and do as many repetitions as possible. DO NOT TRY TO LIFT TOO HEAVY OF A WEIGHT DURING YOUR CROSS TRAINING PERIOD. After you have completed your cross training you can start a heavier lifting cycle if you want to. Jogging, skipping rope, or doing a treadmill or stairmaster are really good cardio routines for you to do after you lift and on your off days. If you have any questions, talk to a trainer at the gym, or your gym teacher or coach.

Good luck!


Is my routine correct to gain muscle and strength?

Aloha, I need professional advice.

I am trying to gain more muscle and improve my strength so I was just wondering if someone could tell me if I am going about it correctly and if not, can I get some advice.

So far, my routine goes like this:

Food Intake;

Cereal breakfast;
7am-12pm 4bowls of nestle clusters with whole milk;
12-2pm 6slices of granary bread either with tuna or cheese;
4pm Snack like a scotch egg or cereal bar;
6pm Dinner (large potion with a glass of whole milk);
Water is drank throughout the day.


AM – Push-Ups, 5 sets & Pull Ups, 5sets
PM – Dumbbells, 5sets & Squats, 5 sets

AM – Sits-Ups, 5 sets & Hooping, half an hour
PM – Cycling, half an hour

Wednesday: BREAK

Thursday: Same as Monday

Friday: Same as Tuesday + Running, half an hour
Evening – Cycling, half an hour

Weekend: BREAK

That's about it, so any ideas for improvement would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Maurice
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Your routine is not bad at all..

But u are not getting all the muscles trained.. You are not training enough shoulders, triceps, biceps,
or back?

You need to brian each muscle once a week..for 40-60 mins a session 3 different exercises a muscle

mon, chest, triceps
tue back, biceps
wed back
thur shoulders
fri legs

an trian abs every other day for 10 mins

do your cardio a few days a week

an eat more proteins for recovery.. Take some vitamins.

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