Best Supplements for Men Over 40

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Effects of estroven herbal supplement in men?

I have seen a few questions here recently about the effects of estroven herbal supplement in men.

Some of the answers seemed a bit off so as a gay male bottom who does take it I thought I would provide my experience with it.

First off, I have no intention to change my sex fully. The reason I started taking it two months ago was based on advice from a friend.

My goal is to generally soften my overall appearance and it has definitely worked.

I take two maximum strength tablets daily.

Contrary to what others say, I have actually lost weight, I went from about 165 to 148 in two months.

However, even though I workout a lot, mostly toning exercises, my bodyfat has actually increased.

My hips are bigger mostly fat and chest flabbier though my waist has actually gotten thinner.

Pre-estroven, my chest/waist/hips were 40-32-36, now its 38-28-40. I stand 5'7, so the hips actually appear larger.

Other side effects, less facial and body hair growth. I'm asian so I did not have much facial/body hair to begin with, now its even less.

Skin is much softer. Significantly reduced sexual desires – I used to get erections daily and masturbate daily, now its about once a week.

Penis actually shrunk a half inch from 5'" to 4.5", testicles smaller also. Also, my erections never get fully hard like before, now its semi-hard with a lot of effort.

For the people asking, estroven is actually a natural estrogen replacement for menopausal women, those with reduce estrogen.

So yes, it will increase the estrogen level in men.

But, its probably not strong enough for those that want to go all the way and change from male to female.

Ps:I'm not a very sexual person, but I get hit on a lot from gay tops even before taking estroven.

After taking estroven, I get hit on significantly more sometimes very aggressively.

I'm kind of picky so I ignore most, but be prepared for more attention if you are a bottom, sometimes unwanted…
One other point, I would only recommend it if you are a true bottom.

I personally get sexual pleasure from pleasing a top by letting him penetrate me anally or by providing him oral sex so its fine for me.

If you want your penis to get equal attention then don't take it as its very hard to get an erection.

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Who do you think your kidding? Transfolk have way too much experience with HRT supplements to believe this type of results in this amount of time and especially with herbals. Stop making such ridiculous claims before you mislead someone and they actually get hurt trying in desperation to duplicate you claims.

What are some good supplements for a 40 year old man?

Posted by Common White
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A general multi-vitamin is a good start. Also increased levels of C, and B. Add to that zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium. Then add in a high fiber supplement every other day.

What are the best supplements for men to take after 40?

I have seen ads for supplements that increase stamina, virility, energy, etc. But not sure if they are worth the money. Anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by recedingin SF
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I am a personal trainer and also am in your age group.In all my years I find that the best thing is to follow a good healthy diet (3 meals and 2 healthy snacks) and a quality multi-vitamin along with a good exercise program.
Hope this helps

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