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Questions and Answers

What supplement is the best to gain muscle?

Which one is the best to gain muscle but not fat. MuscleTech Creakic Hardcore, MRI NO2 Black, MuscleMeds Arimatest, MuscleTech naNOx9 Hardcore, MuscleTech Luukic Hardcore, Xenadrine RFA-X, and MRI CE2 HI-Def. Which is the best to take to gain muscle.

Posted by Tom C
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Just use steroids dude, i was taking steroids and gained massive amounts of muscle in no time. I suggest you use the liquid form since its more effective.

Other supplements i can take besides protein for muscle gain?

Hey all, the past 3 months i’ve been working out quite intensely and the results have been pretty good so far. However, i want to build bigger muscles.

Since i’ve started to work out i’ve been on a high protein diet and i always have a protein shake after i workout, but i’ve heard you can take other supplements to help build muscle… If this ia true i would love to try them out.

I’ve heard about “weight gainer” but i don’t particularly want to go on it because i’m pretty sure i have a “endomorph” body type (if i just sit on my ass and do no exercise and eat junk food i’m going to be putting on the kilos/pounds real fast) – my weight is fine now because i don’t eat junk food or drink soft drink or alcohol.

So if you know of anything could you please help me out? Thank you very much!

P.S no steroid advice! ;)

Posted by Astro
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If you are an endomorph you will build muscle very well, but your stocky body will also accumulate fat faster. Don't use "weight gainer" because these are loaded with sugar.

I only recommend 2 things for maximum muscle growth:

A regimen of Squats, preferably "breathing squats" (look this up online) which tax the entire body and cause a natural release of HgH and Testosterone. This really works.

Creatine: This really works. Basically, it helps recovery to a degree and pulls water into the muscles, creating a more substantive "pump".

There is no easy way to grow massive quickly without some danger to your life. That being said, you can build up over time and have an impressive body that will last even if you miss a workout or 2 without steroids.

Whats the best dietary supplement/s I could take for massive muscle gain with my workout???

I workout Sun, Tue, Thur, sometimes Sat… 3 hours at a time…so 9 to 12 hours a week…

Mostly upper body and stomach and back…

Sometimes I dont have the time to eat the things my body needs to repair my muscles…

I was just wondering what the best supplement/ supplements I could take to get me bigger faster…

And no I dont mean sterroids I wont touch that shit!!!

Posted by BARl)OCK
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It's very good that you won't do steroids, you shouldn't!
But a natural dietary supplement that can help is Micronized Creatine complex. It helps to develop lean body mass, increases strength and helps with muscle growth.
You just mix the Creatine powder with juice for breakfast or milk, you don't taste it at all.
They may sell it at the gym you go to or you can always go to Vitamin World or GNC, they sell a lot of nutrition supplements like Creatine. Or if you don't have either store near you, you can always look up Vitamin World or GNC online and order it online.
I hope that helps!

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