How to Gain Massive Weight

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Questions and Answers

Anyone else gained massive amount of weight?

I am currently 22 weeks prego and I gained about 42lbs so far and I am freaking out! I have gained most of the weight the last 5 weeks and I am scared with 18 weeks to go I will gain more than double of that!!!

I spent the last 2-3 years loosing 80lbs and now when I am pregnant I am gaining it all back :(. I eat the same as I did before I got pregnant, maybe just a little more because I am more hungry often.

ANYONE ELSE GAINED MASSIVE WEIGHT and what week are you in?
O I am 6'0 and starting weight is 210lbs which is overweight but noone could have guessed it because I looked normal size.

Posted by Madelene
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I'm 4'11". I weighed 97 pounds prepregnancy and weighed 153 when I gave birth to my son. That's 56 pounds! I tried to eat right and exercise, but I just kept gaining. But both me and my baby were healthy so I didn't focus too much on the numbers. My son is now 12 weeks old and I'm at 118 now, no exercise either. I breastfed exclusively for 6 weeks.

Try not to focus so much on the weight issue. Sure, I gained way more than I was suppose to, but I was one happy pregnant lady =)

Gain weight???

I want to gain weight and muscles at the same time…

Posted by jeff26
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I'm lifting years since I was 18 years old, now I'm 34 years old and still going in the gym. I would recommend you to start with lifting weights, that's the best way to build muscles and gaining weight.

You must take care that to build muscle mass and gain weight it takes some time, some gain quickier mass and weight other need more time. It's all genetic and nature you can't influence it.

To develop the six pack abs you must add 3 times on every week with cardio exercises. It's better to do it after a workout, for 45 minutes on a stepper if possible. Do it 3 times and every time for 45 minutes, that would be enough. Eat more protein, fruit and vegatbles and avoid fatty meals only once on the weekend. You will see that if you follow these instructions and the workout downstairs you will see good results.

What has really worked on me it's this workout. Important it's too sleep well, eat healthy and take protein after workouts. The daily protein consumption is 2 gr/kg you can buy a protein supplement to your daily meals. Important it's to eat fish, meat, raw eggs, thunfish and to drink milk. Eat fruits and vegetables five times in the day if it's possible so you have all the vitamins you need. Take a protein shake after a workout with 25 – 30 gramm of Protein Powder, 2 bananas and 500 ml of low fat milk, put all in the mixer and drink it.

Solid meals included such items as baked and sweet potatoes, chicken, sashimi and steak. "I recommend steak once a day for regular guys and twice a day for hardgainers,". "It seems to provide the additional calories you need if you're having trouble gaining weight."

Most Massive FAQ: Staying strict on your diet week after week is tough, even for guys who make their living from bodybuilding. How do you approach cheating in your diet?

"I'm not a big junk-food eater, but I still schedule an entire day when I allow myself to cheat. Mostly, I use this day as a mental break so I can relax and not worry about when and what to eat, which typically takes a lot of time, planning and foresight. Giving myself the leeway to cheat and have foods I'm craving helps me stick to my diet the rest of the week, allowing me to focus on eating clean and fueling my body
replacing fast-acting carbs and fatty off-season fare with clean, whole foods such as chicken, lean steak, brown rice and lots of veggies. "I'm not a big fish eater, so I'll have an omega-3 oil capsule with each of my meals to make sure I'm getting my essential fatty acids,".

The result? Less bodyfat, improved conditioning and an additional 40 pounds. "Anyone can go to the gym and move weights around, but without the nutrition to back up that training, you'll never get bigger.

Most Massive FAQ: How much protein is enough, and is there such a thing as too much?

"Overeating any macronutrient–including protein–can contribute to fat gain and won't necessarily make you bigger in the right places. I get exactly 316 grams of protein a day, a bit more than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight off-season. I don't think you need more than that. In fact, carbs are just as important for gaining size because they provide the energy you need to train hard. I eat a slow-releasing carb like brown rice or oatmeal with every meal, with the exception of post-workout, when I have a drink of creatine, glutamine and 70 grams of dextrose that goes straight into my muscles to replenish glycogen and keep me from becoming catabolic."

It's naturally that you must do your workout regulary, and try always to increase your weights but not too much. It takes time to build naturally muscle mass and gaining weight, but if you train hard and eat well you will have good results. I'm sure that you will put on weight and have good muscles on your body, too.

That's my best advice I can give you.

Monday: Squats, Benching, Rows
Weds: Squats, Military Presses, Deadlifts, Chins
Friday: Squats, Benching, Rows

Courtesy of bill starr, the greatest strength coach who ever lived, popularized this in the 70's with his great book, The Strongest Shall Survive, which was aimed at strength training for football. I believe he had essentually two different programs which both are 5 sets of 5. The first, which is more suitable for beginners, is to simply do 5 sets of 5 with similar weight jumps between each set so that your last set is your top weight. When you get all 5 on the last set, bump all your weights up 5 or 10lbs. Example for squat… 185 for 5, 225 for 5, 275 for 5, 315 for 5, 365 for 5. If you get 365 for 5, move all weights up. This is especially good for someone who is just learning a particular exercise like the squat, because the amount of practice with light but increasing weights is a good way to practice form.

For more advanced lifters, he advocated a warmup, then 5 sets of 5 with a set weight. For example, the same athlete used in the other example may do 135 for 5, 185 for 5, 225 for 3, 275 for 2, 315 for 1, then 350 for 5 sets of 5. When successfull with all 25 reps at 350lbs, bump the weight up the next workout by 5 or 10lbs.

This is not outdated, and is a good program for gaining strength. Many elite athletes still use it during at least part of the year. I in fact do 5 sets of 5 on squatting for 4 weeks as part of an 8 or 10 week training cycle. Personally, i do it 3 times a week, but most people will probably make better progress doing it 2 times per week, or even doing version 1 once a week, and version 2 once a week.

In any event i described a system in a post a while back that goes something like this:
Monday use the heaviest weight you can for all 5 sets (same weight each set)—- in other words when you get all 5 sets of 5 reps up the weight (most workouts you will get 3 or 4 sets of 5- and maybe your last one will be for 3 or 4 reps)

Wednesday use 10-20% less weight- in other words if you used 200lbs on monday use 160-180lbs on wednesday- actual amount depending on your recovery

Friday work up to a max set of 5-

In other words lets say that your best ever set of 5 is 215lbs and you used 200lbs on monday for 5 sets and 170lbs on wednesday. On friday your workout might be like this 95 for 5 135 for 5 175 for 5 200 for 5 then attempt 220 for your last set of 5.

This tends to work better as a long term program than doing the same thing 3 times a week. On exercises where you only do them once a week like deadlift you can just do the 5 sets of 5 like i described. On monday on exercises that you are only doing twice (rows) you could do both exercises like the monday workout or lighten one of them depending on your recovery ability. Be conservative with the weight when you start- that is important.

Also i have used this program VERY often with athletes and it is result producing. However many of your gains will show up after you use it for 4-6 weeks and you switch to training a bit less frequently and lower the reps and volume. However this is one program i have had a LOT of success with. In fact i rarely if ever use it with athletes who are at the top of their weight class because it causes too much weight gain unless you severely restrict your food.

How do i recover without massive weight gain?!?

I've been dealing with anorexia almost 2 years now. I've stopped the swimming I was doing 8 times a week, but I exercise on my own now with walking/cardio etc. I've been eating about 800-1000 calories a day, in comparison with chewing and spitting my food or eating about 400 calories a day. How do I gain muscle weight and prevent fat gain?

Posted by newmie01
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Keep exercising and eating healthy. You NEED to gain weight…. You might think it makes you look fat, but it will probably just be a healthy weight that you will not be used to. When you look in the mirror, just remember that you ARE beautiful and you don't need to be stick thin. Everyone needs SOME fat on their bodies, you just need to figure out what is a HEALTHY weight for you, and first make it your goal to get there. Exercising and eating healthy should help you maintain a good balanced body and keep you from being fat.

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Build Huge Muscles with Weighted Calisthenics

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