Massive Muscle Building Workouts

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Questions and Answers

How many times should I workout per week to build lean massive muscles?

Posted by Gone
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I do 3 times each week. Its good to only do it 3 times a week and try to do it like for example, workout on monday, then wednesday, then friday/. After a intense workout, your muscles need to heal back to normal. And also try not to do the same workout again and again or your muscles will get use to it and muscles will not develope.

Will you ever build muscle without proteins?

I workout for 30 mins every other night. I never eat any protein bars or drink any protein shakes. Will my arms ever be any bigger? I am too poor to afford the shakes/bars. I only workout with my barbell, dumbbell, pushups. Any suggestions to build muscle? Once again… I am pretty poor.
So can i achieve the same results as a person who does take in the proper amounts of proteins? I just want big arms.

Posted by UCRiverside
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Hi folk
in my opinion you can increase the time by another 15 mins.your arms,being bigger!!.yes its possible though hereditary plays a role at the speed at which one can build a muscle.bb,db and push-ups are what really needed to develop a big,beautiful,fault-less muscles rather than those machines,in my opinion.they give you the free-movement liberty.
First off – your quest for massive muscles can be broken down to two parts: training and nutrition. Now some people may put more emphasis on diet over training or vice versa – but to me this makes no sense, as it infers that if you were to have a good diet and do no training then you would be able to build muscle. Conversely if you were to train your self off in the gym and eat sparingly then you would most probably lose weight, let alone build any muscle. Therefore my personal view on this, is that training and nutrition both play a 50/50 role in your quest for ultimate physique development. Thus you will need to pay equal attention to both training and eating.
You cant be without protein.your food will give atleast an ample of protein in u r diet.AND IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BUILD MUSCLES WITHOUT PROTEIN.
Dont worry about you cant afford those shakes/bars.you may be poor but u r rich in u r health attitude!
A guideline in deciding how much protein to eat is using the age old value of 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. This equates to 300 grams of protein for a 200lbs bodybuilder. Again this is only a guide, it is best to experiment with this figure to see what works best for you. As for protein sources – there are two classes of protein: first class proteins and second class proteins. What this means is this: in human nutrition there are 22 amino acids, 8 of which are essential. The other 14 are non-essential. A first class protein contains all of these essential amino acids, a second class protein does not. What I mean by essential and non-essential, is that if your body is for some reason short on a non-essential amino – this amino can be manufactured in the body from a combination of other amino acids. However if your body is short on an essential amino acid, it cannot manufacture it from the ones that are available. Therefore it is important to eat a first class protein every meal. Good protein sources to use would be: Chicken, Turkey, Steak, Fish, Eggs etc. The more proteins you combine in a meal the greater the amino acid profile you get, and hence the greater the muscle building effects of the meal.
Meat, cow's milk and eggs are good sources of protein.
Have a lot of rest and lift heavy weights and less reps and IMPORTANTLY,SLOWER MOVEMENTS.i hope i helped.have a great bi"s.

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