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Questions and Answers

Best supplement to use?

I'm currently doing an intense 90 day work out program which consists of cardio workouts and body sculpting workouts. I am also running 3 miles every day and am soon going to incorporate plyometric training. I play basketball every weekend. I was thinkin about starting to take protein shakes but was just wondering if there would be a better supplement to take? I don't want to be massive, just lean with some muscle. Any advice? Thanks.

Posted by BigKingNasty
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If you want to build muscle mass then take wheybolic extreme 60. After taking that for a couple weeks, switch to creative to build lean muscle and tone and add definition to your muscles.

What is the best supplement to gain muscle?

16 yr old rugby player and wanting to know what the best supplement is to drink/swallow (eg. Capsules) to gain muscle?? Is they a difference between them all and are you paying for the brand ect.. ??? <3.

Posted by
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For just building muscle I'd have to go with this product.


There's a reason why it's the #1 best selling protein supplement on that site. (it's a very big site)

Yes there's a difference between each product, and a massive difference between each kind of supplement (types of supplements such as protein, glutamine, creatine, there's tons of different types of supplements which do different things). You can read up on what they do on this page


You can buy a lot or maybe almost all supplements cheaper from that site I included above compared to many stores.

What supplements are out there that will build massive muscle gains and mass?

Posted by tango3zulu
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Ask Ben Johnston and he will point you in the right direction. But you still have to do plenty of work. DRugs don't put muscle on skinny bodies, hard work does.

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