Best Size Building Workout

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Workout to build Mass?

I fight mostly bjj and want to start mma but i am REALLY underweight i am a conditioning freak but know nothing about strength training. Can someone please tell me the best way i can gain strength and size i have a 300 pound weight set no bench and a dip station and pull up bar any books or anything will help thanks.

Posted by C
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Ehhh you are having conflicting weightlifting goals. Strength training requires more 'reps' whereas building mass requires less reps and less time in the gym. You're going to have to pick!

If you are skinny and have a hard time gaining mass, here is what I recommend:

1) your goal is major calorie intake…way above 3000 calories per day BECAUSE we burn more calories than other body types which, if we can't keep it high, results in no mass gain.

2) more protien intake…most say that we need to take in close to 300g per day. That's hard to do. I'm pulling in about 200g per day.

For 1 and 2 above, I REALLY recommend GNC's MASS XXX protien drink. Gives you 64g of protien and 1200 calories per drink (plus BCAAs and other good stuff with very little sugar). I take two of these a day.

3) You need to eat at least 6 times per day. Even if it's a protien bar or the drink; but your drinks should be 1 in the morning and at least 1 at night (or after your workout).

4) do heavy lifting and workout INFREQUENTLY. It sounds contradictory, but you don't build muscle in the gym…working out more often in the gym (for our body types) will lead to muscle loss not gain. So lift heavy (safely) and then leave. You should not be spending anymore than 50 to 60 min in there (I actually recommend SUPERSETTING). Do no cardio (or just 20 min per week if you need to) and limit your workouts to ONLY 3x per week…no more. (for instance I superset upper body 2x per week and lower body 1x per week).

4) Give yourself plenty of rest between workouts…normally 48 to 72 hours..this helps build muscle.

5) on your LOW days (non training) your calorie and protien intake will be lower than your HIGH days (training) but still should be HIGH. You gotta be constantly doing this…intake intake intake.

Remember, results do take time…good luck and keep focused and dedicated to results! Remember to ALWAYS keep good form!

Check out amazon.com (etc) for good books on this subject as well.

Is this a good muscle building workout?

5 min. Jump rope to warm up.

5 pull-ups(most I can do lol,gotta do something about that)
rest(10 secs)
3 pull-ups
rest(10 secs)
1 pull-up
rest(10 secs)
8 australian pull-ups
rest(10 secs)
5 australian pull-ups
rest(10 secs)
3 australian pull ups-
rest(10 secs)
3 chin ups
rest(10 secs)
1 chin up(no rest)
10 crunches with legs in air
10 left side crunch
10 right side crunch
10 leg raises
10 sit-ups
10 right crossover crunch
10 left crossover crunch
10 leg tucks
10 90 degree ankle touches
10 left crossover twist
10 right crossover twist
10 scissors
20 squats
30 jumping squats
repeat the sequence for a total 100 squats
rest(20 secs)
100 Charlie Presses
10 push ups
rest(10 secs)
10 push ups with arm facing outward
rest(10 secs)
10 push ups with arms spread
rest(10 secs)
10 diving push ups
rest(10 secs)
5 diamond push ups
15 dumbbell lifts
rest(30 secs)
15 reverse dumbbell lifts
rest(30 secs)
15 triceps extensions

Stretch to cool down…

My goal is to get stronger. I don't care much about getting ripped or anything, I just want to get stronger. Besides ,I will eventually get ripped if this works anyway.
I eat protein foods and stuff so no worries there, all I need is a good workout.

Posted by The Sad Hero <3
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Is this one workout? Thats beast! But it works alot of different muscle groups all at once.
If you want to get stronger for your size thats the way to go. If you want to get lifing strong do less body weight exercises and do more weights. And focus on 1 muscle group at a time. Do a day of biceps a day of triceps etc good luck.

Looking for a good shoulder workout. Size building?


Posted by Blax
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The best overall size builders for the shoulders are military presses and bench press. Military press hits all three deltoid heads, among other things. They are compound movements that utilize multiple joint movement and muscle groups.

You can also supplement these kinds of presses by doing isolation movements such as lateral raises (side and front) and reverse flies.

I typically include shoulder workouts on chest/tricep days since the military press largely utilizes triceps in the movement, so I do not overtrain the triceps.

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