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Could I gain 50 more lbs of muscle over the Summer?read below?Http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t95/C…

I want to gain a ton of muscle over the Summer, but as you can see im already a pretty advanced weightlifter. Should I start lifting super heavy with low reps or normal weight with 10-12 reps?What should I eat to gain more muscle but not get fat?

Posted by Swifty1
[display_name id=”1″]Alright bro, I’m going to lay it on you.
No, you can not gain 50 lbs of muscle.
I am ….. Lets say a much more advanced weight lifter. I am a bit older than you and have taken 5 cycles, yes of gear….

Lets say you have 3 months of summer. Legit without any illegal activities, I would say you could pack no more than 6 pounds of solid muscle on you.

Judging from your picture/question you are in high school and unless you started to lift when you first hit puberty, you have taken gear. For a high school kid you should not have that much muscle unless you have 6-10 years of lifting under your belt.
Now, if you want to experiment with steroids you could gain and keep about 20 pounds of muscle; assuming that you would start on a typical beginner cycle. If you want to take that route contact me first….. Please contact me….. I don’t want you to fuck up your body or your chance of becoming what you could become. I seriously am willing to help you just click my name then click email. If you don’t do your research you’re going to end up with your balls shriveling up or damage something worse like your liver.

Back to your question.
“What should I eat to gain more muscle but not get fat?”
Protein, Creatine, Amino Acids… Especially BCAA’s, Fish Oil, multi vitamin if you’re not already. These are the standard supplements every builder should be on.
Eat big and healthy. You know what is healthy. I bet your parents have told you this for years.

Whats the maxiimum muscle gain you can make from eating 50 grams of protein perday?d.w about the work out,. This question is strictly about diet
let me phrase it this way, lets say i do everything right in gym what’s the most gain i can make with just 50grams of protein per day.

Posted by Not afraid to Offend
[display_name id=”1″]You don’t have any muscle gain if you don’t tear the muscle by working out daily. If you do an intense weight workout, and than supply the amount of protein as mentioned on the back of the box, you should be able to recognize good gain in the next two weeks. Just to consume a lot of protein everyday does not do you any good if it is not balanced with the amount you workout to build muscle.

Fast muscle gain.?My partner is looking to build muscle but has tried weights before and its such a slow process and in the end doesn’t look much different, What is the right way to gain muscle?

Posted by mummylove
[display_name id=”1″]Muscle growth isn’t easy even for the genetically gifted. Working out is the easy part, it’s the diet that actually determines success in a muscle building program, or any program for that matter.

A person needs to increase calories in all macronutrients in order to see muscle gain, not just protein. A good starting point is a hypercaloric diet consisting of 50% complex carbs, 30% lean proteins and 20% healthy fats over 5-6+ meals per day. Foods should primarily come from whole healthy unprocessed sources that must be prepared at home.

As far as how many calories to consume, a good rule of thumb is to determine the BMR (basal metabolic rate) and multiply that by 2. So, if his BMR comes out to be 1900 cals/day, 1900×2 = 3800 cals/day. If this still isn’t enough, he should increase the caloric intake by 10% each week until he starts gaining.

Anyone can gain muscle with the correct diet and training program. Most people vastly underestimate or totally neglect the diet. His best bet is to become educated in nutrition; the most successful bodybuilders, powerlifters and other strength athletes are diet and nutrition experts and have learned how to manipulate the endocrine system through diet and training.

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