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What do i need to do to get massive muscle gains.tall and skinny?

Im relatively skinny and tall (6'3 and about 160-170)im looking to gain alot of muscle. Im trying the 6 meals (I cut out all junk food including sodas) of high protein with 1-2 whey protein shakes and heavy lifting/ cardio. Im wondering what else i can do to get maximum results. Im looking to gain muscle NOT fat.What foods should i avoid eating and what foods should i consume much more of?(fish, chicken, pork?) When are the optimal times to consume protein shakes? I am very new to all of this and any help would be much appreciated.

Posted by bobbobson
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Calories — lots of em!

Don't do cardio while your trying to bulk. It's counter productive. You need that extra fat for energy while gaining in muscle. Once you reach your goal (btw: "max" isnt a goal…it's a dream), then you can work on reducing body fat. You wont get fat if your training hard enough. Trust me.

The number 1 muscle builder is getting enough REST!! Muscles don't grow in the gym. (dont confuse pump with growth). They only grow while your at rest. Get enough of it!

How to get massive muscles?

Looking for more than ' lift weights'

Posted by Taylor
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Massive muscles can be build but u have to eat rite for it.
>>30-40% lifting weights and 60-70% diet help u achive your fitness goals
so keep in mind what u eat for gaining the muscles.
>>when you workout concentrate on doing it with correct posture.
>> eat lots of clean calories
i wrote it for one guy. I think these can help u for following fitness regime .

Now some basic rules u can follow to help u!!

1> set a goal:> what u wanna do???…. Loose fat, gain muscle,maintaining,etc
now u have set a goal???.. Now choose time span for it.
Goals should be small and realistic.
Now plan your activities, workout, works, and your meal around it
to reach your goal.

2:> eat rite : eat rite in short means that> eat combination of following nutrients containing foods
evenly spreaded 4 to 6 times ona day.
> eat good carbs(carbohydrate) containing food.
Good carbs are complex carbs which u get in
brown rice,vegetables,brown bread,oats,beans,fruits,etc
> eat enough protiens from sources low in fat.
>eat good fats
eg> omega 3,omega6, olive oil, peanut butter,etc
3. Believe in you.> dont loose hope, it needs patient to tranform. Keep focused.
4. Recovery> sleep well. This will help u get rid of your physical and mental stresses.

Hope u like what i wrote..
all the best!

How can i gain massive chest muscles?

Ok, i am 13 and i really want massive pecs. I do some exercises but they dont work. Plz help. I've got 4 kilo weights , r they gud 4 startin out. Plz dont just say wot exercise to do, giv us a link 2 show me wot to do or cn u plz tell me about the exercise nd how 2 do it
i have 8 kilos as well. I don't no if i will be able to do them though.

Posted by Jamez
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Well the core of all exercises to get a massive chest is by doing bench press, push ups, dips, and plenty more.You said you have 4 kilo plates (roughly 9 pounds). That my friend won't suffice into building new chest muscle fibers. To gain mass and and make any muscle on your body bigger is by lifting heavy with small reps.

You want to build muscle on your chest and become stronger the key is to overload the muscle and push it beyond what it is usually used to lifting. Your goal will be to perform around 7-9 repetitions, and build up to around 2-3 sets. The movement itself should be slow and controlled so the time your muscle is under tension (TUT) is longer.

You should aim at lifting a weight where on the 7-9th repetition you are struggling. If you can perform around 13-14 repetitions, you should consider upping the weight. You want to be pushing the muscle to complete failure each and every time. That way the muscle must adapt and repair itself stronger for the next time you lift that weight.

When building muscle, you will benefit from a lifting ratio of 2:2:4. In other words, the main contraction movement (concentric) should last 2 seconds, the holding phase (isometric) should last 2 seconds, and the release phase (eccentric) should last 4 seconds.

For example, in a bicep curl, the upward phase, or the main movement should last 2 seconds. Holding at the top should last 2 seconds. When releasing on the way down you should release slow and controlled for the count of 4 seconds.

When doing bench press, you will start off in the holding phase (isometric) when you pick the weight off the rail. This will last two seconds. When you lower the barbell down to your chest, it should last 4 seconds and when you are pushing the weight back up in the starting position, that movement should last 2 seconds. Simple but you have to get in the habit of this so it make take some getting used to.

So since you don't have a lot of weights, I recommend you doing regular push ups (press- ups) with the 4 kilo weights on your back. You can use a back pack for that. See how many you can do with that and go from there. After you do about 2 sets of push ups, take your 4 kilo weights and do some fly's: Http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/Pect…

That link is a great website to show you how to do "flys". It also has many chest exercises you can do to add to your workout. Check it out, it is a great site!!

After you do your flys, take a 10-20 second rest and do some "dips". This is the link on how to do weighted chest dips: Http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/Pect…

Now just take the 4 kilo weights with your back back and do dips. Do about 7-9 reps for 2 sets. ONLY add the weight if it's too easy for you. If you are struggling only using your own bodyweight, then build enough strength before you use your back pack weight.

– Also, make sure to eat a lot of meats, fish, and poultry, Try drinking some protien shakes if you can get some. Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters per day and stay way from junk food. :-)

PS: you said you have 8 kilos. If you want, try using those 8 kilo weights (one in each hand) and do "flys" with those. That's only if you can handle the 8 kilos. If not, just use the 4 kilos until you get strong enough.

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How to Gain Muscle Mass with the Best Protein Supplement …

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