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Gain muscle and weight?!?

Im 18, 5'7" and 136 pounds. Im looking to gain some weight, and muscle mass. Not really get huge and blown up, but just to get fuller and increase the look of my abs. If you can help with some workout ideas, and the supplements to go with them that would be great. I have been hearing alot about con cret creatine, and force factor.. Is this really a good one or is there something better? Thanks!

Posted by Jay M
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Gaining muscle takes the same amount of focus and preparation as
losing weight. Some important facts about gaining muscle:

•You can't necessarily gain muscle without gaining some fat as well.
•There are no magic foods, powders or pills that will allow you to
gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Some people can do this
naturally (again, the genes), but most will gain some fat along with
the muscle.
•Your body is very different from a bodybuilder–trying to gain mass
to look like them is not the best idea. They have different muscle
fibers than you and some may even be getting a little help from
illegal substances.
•If you're a teenager, you'll have a hard time changing your body
dramatically. It's changing constantly and it will change even more
as the years pass.
•Gaining weight requires eating more and lifting more
Gaining muscle requires that you eat more calories than you burn. For
those with high metabolisms, that may seem impossible, but if you try
a few of these tricks, you'll find that adding calories to your day
is easier than you think:

•Choose calorie-rich foods like granola, bagels, biscuits, avocados,
olives, corn, meat, nuts, peanut butter, milk, yogurt and cheese.
•Add extra calories to your meals by using milk instead of water for
soups, sauces and hot cereals.
•Sprinkle powdered milk into casseroles.
•Add calorie-rich foods (like avocado, cheese and dressing) to
sandwiches and salads
•Mix beans, meat or cheese into pasta or side dishes
•Snack on yogurt, shakes, crackers and dip
•Keep a food diary for a week or so to get an idea of what you're
eating and where you can add more calories
The trick is to add calories without adding too much saturated fat.
You can also consider downing smoothies or meal replacement shakes in
between meals.

Lift, Lift, Lift

Once you get your calories under control, you need to start lifting
weights. This will help you gain more muscle and help minimize the
amount of fat you gain (although you should expect to gain some fat
as well). Folks trying to gain muscle should:
•Lift heavy. This means lifting enough weight that you can only
complete about 6-8 repetitions of each exercise. The last few reps
should be difficult–the last one should be really hard, but not
•Have longer recovery periods between sets
•Have more recovery days between workouts
•Use spotters to avoid injury
•Continue with cardio, but keep it at maintenance level–around 2-3
days of cardio a week to keep your heart in shape
•Start with a full body program 2-3 nonconsecutive days a week, if
you're a beginner. Allow your body a few weeks to get used to lifting
weights before you tackle more intense routines.

Muscle gaining supplements?

I used to take creatine until i noticed that it was making my face break out..ive stopped for a while but i want to try another type of muscle building supplement..one that wont make me break out..any suggestions?

Posted by blah9008
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Just ensure you take in at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight. Whey protein might be the only supplement that I would recommend. NO2, animal packs, etc…all those supplements don't do much. Muscle needs the essential amino acids and protein to rebuild.

There are supplements, such as 1MT (since banned as it is a precursor steriod) and polydehydrogenated/polydroxylated (H-DROL, V-DROL)that do help you gain strenght, hence the more you can lift for 6-8 reps, the more you benefit.

My advice, eat a ton of protein and have a great work-out plan that include appropriate rest. There is no substitute, outside steroids.

Muscle gain, fat loss..supplements?

Ok I'm a pretty fit person and not a whole lot of body fat, haven't been into weights really lately, but going to start up. I could stand to shed some of the little body fat I do have. Question..are there any GOOD supplements that actually WORK and are safe to use that would help me shed a little fat and help the muscle gain a little?

Posted by JM D
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Exercise and Fat Loss – Effective Steps to Successful Fat Loss

Exercise and fat loss may not be as easy as some advertisements claim it to be; oftentimes, you don’t reap the fruits of your labor until much time and effort has been exerted. However, by knowing and applying a few simple exercise and fat loss principles, you will not only lose stubborn fat effectively, but you’ll be able to keep it off successfully as well.

Exercise Any Chance You Get

Keep moving. Make yourself busy with errands. Walk or ride a bike instead of driving to the store. If you do take the car, park as far away from the entrance as possible and walk the rest of the way there. Do the same at work. Shun the elevator and make a beeline for the stairs. Take a walk around your office building for fifteen minutes during lunch. At home, perform household chores — from the dishes to the laundry. Not only are you getting a nifty workout, you’re getting things done, too. Remember, as long as you’re on the move, you’re burning calories.

Muscle burns fat and calories all day long, even when you stay put and do absolutely nothing. Therefore, build more muscle! Do weights or strength training as this boosts metabolism, so that you’re still losing the fat long after you’ve cooled down. You may notice at first that your body seems to be doing anything but lose weight, but that only means you’re gaining muscle tissue, which will then help you lose fat and drop the pounds eventually.

When doing aerobic or cardiovascular exercises, the best time for this would be first thing in the morning, when your body does not have any carbohydrates to burn. To get the energy needed for your workout, your body will burn fat instead. Make sure you drink lots of water beforehand, though, to prevent dehydration.

One great motivation for having a proper exercise and fat loss program, as well as building muscle tissue, is the food you get to eat. If you’ve got plenty of muscles, then you can afford to eat a little more; and you don’t have to worry about your body hoarding all the calories as the muscle will just burn them right up anyway. That’s not to say, however, that you’re free to gorge on all the chips and sweets you can eat to your heart’s desire (and demise). Neither should you deprive yourself of the occasional treat. Moderation is key. Remember, proper diet and nutrition go hand in hand with exercise.

Lose the Lard by Eating Right

Eat frequently but not heavily. Eating five or six small meals throughout the day is ideal than eating three bigger meals. Do not plunge yourself headlong into this, leaving no room to get accustomed to it. Take time to adjust, until you are comfortable with fewer portions at every meal. This strategy also helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently as it has fewer amounts to work on each time. Keep in mind to consume the most food at breakfast, and the least at dinner, as you have a whole day ahead of you to burn those calories you acquired in the morning.

Never allow yourself to get hungry as this slows metabolism considerably. When that happens, your body is not able to burn as much fat as you would like. Instead, it will only get ‘greedy’ and will want to hold on to whatever you feed it when you do decide to eat, thus, making it more difficult to shed the extra fat.

Do not load up on carbohydrates, as this will keep your body too preoccupied to concentrate on the fat. Eat protein-rich foods like fish, poultry, eggs, beans, milk, and tofu, because protein takes longer to digest and requires the most energy in doing so. Thus, the act of digesting is, in itself, a calorie buster. Fiber foods such as wheat bread will make you fuller faster and, like water, is also very effective in flushing out toxins from the body.

Following a proper exercise and fat loss program really aren’t that complicated after all. And don’t worry about the smallest of actions not making the slightest bit of difference. They do. The numbers may be negligible, but they all add up eventually—and quite sizably, too.

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Weight Gaining Supplements: What to Know

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