eating for muscle gain

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What to eat to gain muscle?

Well i'm looking to gain much more muscle than i already have. I badly want abs, not like heaps big.
I'm a female, teenager, and finished growing. I need help with my eating though, are low carb meals the way to go? If someone could please give me a daily example on what to eat.. Eg
snack 1:__
lunch:__ etc.

If anyone can do that, they will be sure to get best answer.
Remember i am at school, so nothing to complex. And i can't eat eggs (:
thanks :)x.

Posted by Dele
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Gain muscle is combination of food + workout ..

Food .. Have good combination of protein & carbs .. Don't eat carbs at night ..

I am a vegetarian, but i eat eggs and am not a female .. So you may want to tweak a bit to suit your goals..

Breakfast .. Oat meal 1 bowl + banana
snack .. Broccoli, 1 apple
lunch .. Vegetables, some rice (brown is better)
snack .. Protein shake
dinner .. Veggies & any combination of bread you eat

some points
– avoid eating white rice at night
– try to put brown rice in your meal
– add protein shake post workout (whenever you do it)
– if you eat meat (and not eggs), replace 1 veggie meal with chicken etc
– no fast foods
– no soda
– drink plenty of water daily.

What should I eat for good muscle gain?

I'm 15. 5,6 111 pounds
I am very very skinny and underweight
I am not underweight to the point where things are difficult, my life is just as easy as other people my age
I would just like to no a good diet for good muscle gain
Thank you so much.

Posted by lll
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Eat lots of protein. If you don't like meat or are a vegetarian, eat nuts, dairy, or have a protein bar or shake. Just always remember to eat healthy and exercise. If you eat a decent amount of protein and exercise that would definitely help with muscle gain.

Can you gain muscle by just eating healthy and alot of protein?

I eat very healthy, low fat, high protein every day. Im skinny so i started to increase my portions, will i gain muscle and look stronger or more normal by just doing this? The thing is that i really dont like lifting weights.

Posted by Ramon J
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By eating enough to gain weight, you'll actually put on a good deal of muscle mass regardless of whether you lift or not. It doesn't all become fat when you gain weight. If you lift in addition to eating you'll gain even more muscle mass.

You need to eat a caloric surplus to gain weight.

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